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My name is Rosann Schwartz. While I am not a classically trained artist in any media, I seem to have found my way there anyway.

I have spent a lifetime carving, bending, piercing, stitching, folding, firing, and braking any and every material that crossed my path. As an engineer, I have learned to appreciate the structure of the science behind what makes things work, and the beauty of the myths that happen in nature. Somehow I combined my love of “making” things, and my lack of fear of “braking” things, with ceramics, metal working, wood working, felt, glass and metal clay into small, nature-inspired sculptures.

I view myself, through my work, as a storyteller. With Myths of Nature I hope to be able to recreate miniature vignettes and fairy-tale creatures that capture a small moment in nature that could happen in someone’s imagination.