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feature-persimmon-tree-AI hope you enjoy the small Myths, as I post them on my Home page. I will occasionally post on how I create them. I continually develop new Tips & Tricks as I find my self challenged with new materials and material combinations.

My early work in 2014 was primarily in Metal clay. However, I have begun adding cast lead-crystal class elements to the sculptures as a way to add depth and context to the overall Myth.

Persimmon Tree is my 1st cast-glass and metal clay piece. Thanks to beginners’s luck, everything fit together pretty well after the metal clay did it’s shrinkage thing (25%+). The glass was made using the lost-wax casting method. The clay was Hadar’s steel and bronze.

Tips & Tricks (advanced): Form and fire the metal clay piece first, then form the wax for your glass (or resin) so that the fit will be natural/exact at the end.