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blog-pegasusPegasus was my first attempt at building a minimalist open-framework sculpture. I chose Hadar’s Steel as the primary material for 3 reasons: 1) it’s color, 2) it’s perceived strength, 3) it’s magnetic.

Bottom line: The steel color is wonderful, the fact that it is magnetic makes assembly really easy and fun (more on that later). Hadar’s steel snaps like a twig… it is a very brittle and fragile material when used on this scale and in this shape (in my opinion and experience).

The whole sculpture took 80 hours of work and 20 firings to finally hold together. In the end, it finally snapped in 3 pieces (even though it tested as “fully sintered”) due to the fact that the steel is a very porous material with very little sheer-strength.

Concept drawing; build a form; roll and carve

Assemble; fire

Humpty-Dumpty. Fire-Fix-Fire (20-times!)